Generative solutions powered by foundation models

Typist AI helps businesses build applications with large language models. We have hands-on experience delivering solutions for several companies, including most recently Inflection AI.

In addition, we have advised Sequoia, Grayscale, Cohere, and AI21 on their strategy around large language models.

We specialize in getting the most out of these models using a mixture of prompt engineering, fine tuning, and fast feedback loops. 

Use cases 

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Fine tuned models

Not everyone has gigabytes of data. Our models can learn to perform quickly on smaller datasets

Code translation

Translate from one programming language to another, or migrate from one library to another using our GitHub integrated tooling

Red teaming

Adversarial testing of models to check for inappropriate output

Writing assistants

Generate custom outreach emails, and social media posts that match your  preferred tone and style

Code refactoring

Automate tedious coding task, freeing up time

Some of the models we support


OpenAI's GPT-3

AI21 Studio

OpenAI's Codex

AI21 Jurassic 1


Cohere Generate

Cohere Embed

OpenAI's DALL-E 2